The Black Book Approach

We provide professional services with a team built of owner/operators that have walked in your shoes.

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Facility Management

We handle business acquisitions and brokerage, business marketing, provide professional web design, print advertising, and high quality facility management.

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Black Book is comprised of a team of experienced professionals offering solutions and guidance in preparing for a commercial real estate sale, business sale, commercial loan, equipment financing or a line of credit, plus the latest insight into all areas of banking.

We Know Business

Navigating business owners and professionals through a key event like the sale of your business or practice or the acquisition of same is daunting and full of landmines that can derail a deal. Black Book can Help.

In terms of day to day operations, there is the significant disadvantage that most business owners don’t see but live with created by banks with their complexed and hidden agendas. Businesses still need banks and the challenge navigating the maze of banks, account types, costs, hidden lending pot holes is not fair for the uniformed. Your bank regardless of your industry will tell you they can handle all of your banking and lending needs. They are not forthcoming in telling you that they don’t like to lend to Restaurants or Contractors or whatever. They all have their industry preferences but with all others they just go through the motions because it would be against regulation to not accept your application. Banks let you believe they can handle all your needs under one roof at a great rate. They will take your application, carelessly pull your credit and in short order decline the loan. When a rare approval does happen, it is with a high rate or other contingencies. The lending game is that they convince you that YOU had issues that made your risk score high therefore the high rate. Careless credit pulls of an individuals credit creates a blemish, a point reduction in their credit report yet banks do it all the time.

Talk to us before you go to your own bank or any bank for that matter and we will make your experience a positive one. Black Book can Help.

Whatever your business needs, Black Book advisors are here for you.

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